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2 - Pick up

We arrange the collection and towing of your car, truck or other vehicle.

3 - Get Paid!

We pay you on the spot and remove your vehicle.

About Car Removals Brisbane

Thanks to our car removals Brisbane service, any car owner can get rid of their car that seems like scrap, smashed, damaged or just unwanted that is running or not. Not only do we arrange free towing service and pick up for those kinds of cars, but we also offer reasonable money in terms of cash. Our free car removal service areas include all areas of Brisbane.

We have the largest fleet of tow trucks of varying size,  we buy like all kinds of trucks, vans, buses and all 4wds. Get that junker out of your yard today! 

There is a plethora of car removal companies that can actually charge you to remove your wrecked vehicle. Only a few will be able to give you cash for your scrap or smash cars. Our company is one of those that can give you cash for your old cars in Brisbane.

Most of all, we will give you a decent offer for any vehicle, no matter the age or whether it starts or not!

Our price range starts from $100 and can go up to as much as $10000 for any car, van, truck or bus. Just let us know the make, model, condition and age of your vehicle with your vehicle and consequently get a free evaluation on your car that you no longer need. And since we promise genuine and unbeatable prices for all customers who live in Brisbane, we assure you our offer will be the highest we can pay. We pay cash on the spot.

Our quotes are all inclusive, meaning we don’t offer you a price minus this fee and that. We give you a price, we pay you that amount. Simple.

Don’t get stung by an offer for your car that does not include a range of fees some companies actually charge you for. Our offer is our offer. You call, we give you a price, we come and pickup the vehicle and pay you on the spot. Easy. 

Why Choose Us

For same day service and a simple transaction

  • Any make / Model
  • Any condition
  • Running or not
  • Hassle free
  • Immediate cash on the spot
  • Top dollar offers
  • We buy cars, vans, 4x4s, utes, truck and more
  • Reliable service
  • We cover Brisbane and most South East Queensland

How much will you get for your car?

Complete the below form with as much information as possible for us to give you an accurate offer for your vehicle. 

Looking for A Free Car Removal in Brisbane?

You’ve come to the right place! Not only will you get rid of your car, we’ll pay you for it!

Brisbane Car Removals is your solution to get rid of that old, damaged, used or unwanted car. We offer free scrap removal AND pay you cash for the car! Get a quote today.

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We Are the Top Choice for Brisbane car removals

There are many car removal companies in Brisbane, but not all are as professional and reliable as Brisbane Car Removals. We offer quality services that you can find nowhere else. Our services are offered by professional and courteous staff that are a pleasure to do business with. We are a car removal company in Brisbane that schedules same day car removals, so when you decide that you’d like your car removed from your property, you can have it removed the same day. We’ve made it very easy and convenient for car owners to sell their cars to us.

We Are the Pros That Pay Cash for Car Removals Brisbane

Why wait days for a free car removal company to fit you into their schedule? And, why just “give the car away?” When we are your choice in a free removal company you also get paid for your car or truck. We pay top cash for all makes and conditions of cars. To get a quote for your car, simply give us a call.

We Buy & Remove All Makes & Conditions of Cars, Trucks & More

We get calls for a request on a car that is a rusted-out shell, and we will make them an offer for their car. Another car may be one that has always run great, and still is going strong, but the owner needs to downsize. We’ll be able to make a higher cash offer for the car. You get the picture. Brisbane Car Removals buys all makes and conditions of cars, putting a cash payment into the hands of the sellers when we come to remove their cars and trucks. We can schedule a removal as quickly as a car owner accepts our quote!

We Offer Same-Day Car Removals Brisbane

We are the car removal company that gets to the locations of our local customers to remove their cars. Quotes for cars are not difficult to obtain. In fact, obtaining a quote only requires you to pick up the phone to contact our appraiser. Online quotes are also provided through our online quote form just above. As for the removals, once you accept our cash quote, we can be on our way to offer a free car removal anywhere in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

We Wreck & Recycle Old, Damaged, Wrecked & Scrap Cars & Trucks

It may be rusted, but the car still holds some value. With Brisbane Car Removals, you get the most value for your car, no matter what the make or condition. Just as a car may be in wrecked condition, but there may be plenty of parts working under the bonnet. With Brisbane Car Removals, damaged, wrecked, old, and scrap car owners have wreckers & recyclers so that they can get top cash for any make and condition of car or truck. As a company that practices eco-friendly standards, we offer the peace of mind that cars won’t be disposed of in a hazardous way to the environment, and car owners get top cash.

How It Works

Our process to buy cars works with no hassles whatsoever.

  1. Contact an appraiser at Brisbane Car Removals on the phone or online.
  2. Accept or reject our cash quote.
  3. Schedule a free car removal..
  4. You get paid.

Selling your car has never been easier. Give Brisbane Car Removals a call at the number below to find out what we will offer you for your car.

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